Why We Need Darkness to Survive_ Diane Knutson (Transcript)

 For Essay #2, you are required to conduct your own rhetorical analysis of a political or activist speech. Your main objective is to craft a detailed analysis that identifies the goal of the speech and provides a detailed analysis (not a summary!) of the main rhetorical appeals the author employs to achieve that goal. Your secondary goal, however, is to craft an argument that labels and analyzes the significance of that rhetoric. (Is it effective? A representative of what Americans are afraid of? Uplifting? Dishonest?) You must focus on the rhetorical appeals we have discussed. o Logos:appealswhichemploylogic. o Ethos: appeals which address character, credibility etc. o Pathos:appealstoreaders’emotion. Your paper does not have to emphasize all three rhetorical appeals equally. Some speeches rely upon one more than the others. Consider this as you craft the framework for your essay. Additionally, in order to focus your analysis, you will need to identify and analyze the author’s intended audience

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