women in bodybuilding

Description The purpose of this assignment is to facilitate students’ understanding of Section 2 topic of body, appearance and identity and provide an opportunity to translate learned knowledge from the course and outside resources to create an infographic in a virtual community. You are asked to create an infographic to educate the general public related to women’s health around body, appearance, and identity. Your infographic should include important information to increase awareness in this area and to promote healthy body image, appearance and identity, and may include statistics, causes, symptoms, and positive messages. Your infographic will be graded on your understanding and ability to translate learned knowledge from the course and from research outside of the course. • • Step 1: Choose a specific topic related women’s body, appearance, and identity. (Some examples include: how women are portrayed in the media, Barbie dolls, women in bodybuilding, Dove campaign, etc) • • Step 2: Research on the chosen topic – see below on what you sort of information you should gather. • • Step 3: Write up proposal (Part A). • • Step 4: Create infographic (Part B). • • Step 5: Submit proposal (max 2 pages) and infographic (max 1 page) to Turnitin AND assignment Part A: Proposal Please submit your proposal, and all other written work, as a Word document and not a PDF file as I sometimes make notes directly in the document. This document will need to be submitted into Turnitin via Blackboard. The purpose of the proposal part of this assignment is to include all detailed information that will translated into a concise format in the infographic. General guidelines for proposal: • • Title page – assignment #, course code, and name or student ID • • 1-inch margins • • 12pt font Times New Roman or Arial • • Single spaced • • Proposal content should be maximum 2 pages, including references section (title page does not count towards the number of pages) • • References should be in APA – see course syllabus (both in-text and reference list) Include • Topic: State your topic in detail for the infographic. For example, Women’s body portrayed in the the following information in your proposal (please use headers for organization): Media. • • Relevance to audience: How is the topic relevant to the public? State how it relates to women’s health – why is it an issue in our society/world? What are you promoting or advocating for? Why is this important for public awareness? What is your intended learning outcome for the project? (i.e., Is your learning outcome to increase behavioural changes in the general public?) • • Research and analysis: Write a short description of the resources used including an analysis of how the resources relate to the topic using relevant perspectives and concepts from the course. For example, you might discuss how the resource supports, contradicts or extends existing information about the topic. Integration of literature (two or more articles or other good quality resources) is important for your analysis and citations must be in APA format. This is where you will summarize any statistics related to your topic, and other relevant information you will be including in your infographic. The description/analysis should be about one half to one page in length. • • References: In-text citations and a reference list must be provided using APA. Researching information: Please use credible sources such as peer-reviewed published manuscripts (i.e., search Pubmed, Scopus, Medline Ovid, etc. WIKIPEDIA IS NOT ACCEPTABLE), government websites (i.e., Statistics Canada), books, and newspaper articles. Part B: Infographic What is an infographic? An infographic is a visual representation of information, data, or knowledge. These types of graphics are used where complex information needs to be explained quickly and clearly, such as signs, prevalence/incidence rates, and technical writing. Infographics are used to communicate in an engaging way, present large amounts of data meaningfully, and reveal hidden facts for the viewer. Please see examples on Blackboard to learn more and see the different types of infographics.

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