Woodrow Wilson Executive Leadership (Essay Sample)

  1. Milkis, Sidney M. and Michael Nelson. The American Presidency: Origins and Development, 1776-2011. CQ Press. 6th edition, 2011. 2. Fred I. Greenstein. The Presidential Difference: Leadership Style from FDR to Barak Obama. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 3rd edition, 2009 Must use these books in critique Critique Woodrow Wilson’s Theory of Executive Leadership. This biography from Academic Video Online might help place Wilson in history better also. Please note that all Forums should at least 550 words 4 sources

Clear understanding of main ideas and mentions at least three concepts from the required weekly readings. No irrelevant comments and information is on point. Provides examples that tie in with the course material.

Replied to more than two classmates. Replies are two or three paragraphs, demonstrate careful analysis of other’s opinions, and incorporate several terms, concepts or theories from the required readings.

Used more than 2 acceptable sources outside of the required reading for research.

Free of grammatical errors and made proper reference to the course text or to other materials. Statements are well organized with a clear thesis statement and concluding thoughts.

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Woodrow Wilson is amongst the highly regarded American presidents with an accolade of 33 honorary degrees and a PhD and credited for radically changing the influence of U.S state house, a feat that won him a Nobel Peace prize for peace after World War I. He rallied for the ratification of the League of Nation’s Treaty to ensure maintenance of peace in the world?. Before being elected president, he served as New Jersey governor where his leadership style amassed rapid popularity for reforming policies on campaign finance, shifting party nominations from party bosses to the public and enacting laws that obliged the remuneration of workers injured at work. Elected as America’s 28th president in 1912, succeeding Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow pursued revolutionary reforms that changed the perspective on White House.
One of the sterling reforms in the Finance sector was enacted with the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 that still provides the framework for the central bank’s monetary system. The Act weakened corruption and promoted economic competitiveness. With his compelling oratory skills, he is attributed to staunch belief in God by the Americans and through his Presbyterian belief he perpetuated his Freedom agenda with avidness while galvanizing public affiliation?. However while his biggest mission was a reversal of the imperialistic custom of previous administration by procuring independence for Philippines and Puerto Rican Americans, some of his policies ultimately became more repressive. Woodrow got entangled in the WWI through provocation while initially resolving to be neutral, before his ensuing rigorous campaign on peace which altered U.S foreign policy enterprise.
During the war, Woodrow stoked an industrial rejuvenation with 20% increase in the manufacturing industry; however, his critiques reprehend his high –handedness attitude. He is attributed for most military confrontations especially within Latin America than any of his predecessors. His policies are blasted for putting America as the Global watchdog hence drawing America in the frontline and crossroads with its adversari…

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