Would you recommend it to a classmate?

we should watch a documentary movie not less than 30 minutes and related it to any topic in Globalization
Extra Credit: Documentary Analysis
SIB 101
Fall 2015

Due: No later than Tuesday October 27th in class (no email submissions will be accepted).

Credit:  Up to 4 points added to your first exam grade

*You must complete all aspects of the assignment to receive full-credit. The quality of your work will determine the amount of extra credit you will receive, you will not receive full credit by simply handing in the assignment.

Format: Printed hard copy, double-spaced, 1-inch margins, 12-point, Times New Roman font (about 2 pages in total).

Assignment: Select a documentary  (at least 30 minutes long) on any topic related to globalization and complete each of the requirements listed below. *You may watch the movie with a classmate, however, you must complete the assignment on your own (I will not accept two identical assignments).  Netflix, Frontline, Youtube, Amazon Prime, and HBO are great resources for documentaries.

Your full name

Title, year, producer and director of the film.

Why did you select this particular film? (about 3-5 sentences).

Summarize the film in your own words (I don’t want to know what the NYTIMES or IMDb say about the film). If you do decide to use a short, direct quote from another source it must be clearly and properly cited (about 3-5 sentences).

Terms and concepts: How does this film relate to globalization? Why are the issues in the film important? Is there a term or concept that we have discussed in class that applies to the film? (about half a page)

Your opinion: did you like the film? Why or why not? Would you recommend it to a classmate? (about 3-5 sentences).

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