Write a story about a teenage girl who asks her babysitter to give her a spanking.

Write a story about a teenage girl who asks her babysitter to give her a spanking.
Include at least two spankings. Include dialogue and action. Give all characters names. 30 double spaced pages.

Provide a first draft within 24-48 hours.

When I was around 19 I came home for a visit and happened to see Madison, the neighbors daughter walking towards her mother’s house. She was 15 and it seamed like she greeted me like I was a star. Then off she went running into her mother’s house. I thought nothing of it until my mother got a call form Madison’s mom asking if I could come over and help her with something.

When I knocked on the door I was told the door is open and to come on in. Entering the house I saw Madison standing next to the table, her shoes were off, the hairbrush was lying on the table, and her jeans were unsnapped and unzipped. This was the normal when someone was about to receive a spanking. I said Hello as I entered the room and Madison’s mom replied,

“It is good to see you, my daughter has something to ask you, go ahead Madison” Madison asked,

“Will you spank me?”

I quickly responded, “NO!” and started to turn towards the door.

Madison quickly grabbed my hands and pleaded,

“Please, please, let me explain I really need you to spank me. I am grounded for coming home late and my smart mouth. When I wanted to go to the game and dance tonight,mom agreed I could choose spanking. Mom was to deliver it Wednesday but she hurt her wrist. She tried but caused herself more pain then me. So now I am grounded. You have spanked me in the past so will you please do it now”

I answered the she was a lot younger and that I could get in trouble for hitting her at her age. In addition, it would need to be sufficiently sever that she would learn her lesson to the point it would come to mind whenever she thought about breaking the rules.

She stated that in this state her Mom still has full authority until she is 18 and as long as she in agreement I was OK. With that she guided me over to the chair pushed me back to sit in it, lowered both the jeans and panties and climbed across my knees. I saw the hairbrush lying on the table and instinct took over. I knew that her mother would never use the hairbrush and that they both expected my hand to do a job on the bare bottom sitting in front of me.

With one smooth movement I grabbed the hairbrush, raised it high into the air and delivered an sting blow to the lower part to the pure white bottom. She screamed,

“OOOWWW!” and her right hand came flying back to protect the bottom. I pulled her hand into the small of her back as I raised the hairbrush and delivered the second blow just below my hand holding hers.

“NOOO Oh S***t Noooo!” As I delivered the third blow she struggled to get off my lap causing the hairbrush to cross from high on her left cheek to low on her right.

“NO no NO no, STOP please stop!” She cried.

I laid the hairbrush down on the table and helped her off my lap onto her knees as she continued to sob. I raised her face between my two hands so that I could look her in the eyes and said,

“Are you sure you want a spanking as opposed to your grounding?”

She replied, you just spanked me! I am not grounded and I am going to the game!” With that I reached around her with my left hand placing it on her stomach and with her head on my lap raise her bottom delivering 4 sound slaps. I returned her to the floor and placed my hand under her chin and said sternly,

“That was just the start! You are not 7 or 9 anymore and your spanking at 15 will match your age.”

“Now that you know what to expect, I will agree to deliver a proper age appropriate spanking if you so choose. However, if you are going to the game tonight we will need to wait until tomorrow to do this. You will not want to sit to long on your bottom now let alone after I an finished.”

With that I raised her up, pulled up her panties and pants and sat her on my lap to cry for a moment or two. Then came the question,

“So do you still want to go to the game and take you spanking tomorrow, or would you prefer to finish your grounding?”

She replied “That’s not fair, I’v been spanked and I am still grounded. I don’t know I want to go to the game but I don’t want another spanking like that! OK I want to go to the game. But you are NOT going to spank me any more.”

I gave her a big hug held her close to me and whispered into her ear “I can finish your spanking right now (and my hand slightly lowered the back of her Jeans and panties) but if you thingk that you can agree, go to the game, then avoid the spanking tomorrow you are wrong.”

With that she raised from my lap, looked me in the eye and said “OK I want to go to the game, and I will take my spanking tomorrow, and I will try not to fight you but that will be hard.

The Next Day


Madison arrives home from school and goes to her room to start on her homework. Madison’s mom calls Beth to let her know that Madison is home.

Beth’s Discipline Plan

Roll 2 dice and multiply number by Madison’s age (15) this will be the number of swats

Have Madison remove her pants and underwear

Maybe bind Madison’s hands behind her back (explain that interfering with the spanking will earn her additional swats ask if she would prefer to have her hands bound)

Carefully place Madison over lap with buttocks positioned on edge of leg