Writing a dance review

Attend a live dance concert and write a dance review! • Please read the Attending a Performing Arts Event page before you attend the concert. • Attend a one of the live dance concert from the Dance Concert Resources page. Make sure to take notes during the concert. • It is your turn to write a review with a focus on the comparison of 2 dance works. Remember a review is a personal response. Write from first person perspective, avoid passive statements and descriptions and be bold with your interpretations! 1. Develop a thesis that will allow you to compare 2 of the dances or sections of the concert. 2. Determine what movement or compositional tools will be the evidence to support your thesis. What did you see or feel that allowed you to arrive at your thesis, how can you best describe this to the reader? Include interpretive, analytical and evaluative ideas about both works as well as 3 component descriptions to support your thesis. Format for your written review Opening paragraph should provide context for your reader (who, what, when, where) and finish with a bold thesis statement Paragraph 2- analysis of work #1 Paragraph 3- analysis of work #2 Paragraph 4- any additional information/research that supports your thesis Paragraph 5- summarize your comparison and add one new thought based on your experience. • All choreographers must be named and titles must be italicized. (In Martha Graham’s Lamentation…..) o Use the standard formatting for this course as stated in the syllabus. Please also include a heading in the left hand corner of the paper with first and last name, Lesson 04 Assignment, and the date. Things to remember while watching and writing • You must attend one of the concerts listed below.  It is essential that you write a personal review of the concert you attend rather than summarizing reviews you find on-line. Please see UW’s policy on plagiarism: http://depts.washington.edu/pswrite/plag.html (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Examples: Please keep in mind these are models for the types of sentences we are looking for, but not to be copied and used in your paper. 1. “Two pieces from The Chamber Dance Concert, XXXX and YYYYY allowed me to consider my pre-conceived notions of gender and relationships.” 2. “The choreography presented at Cornish Dance Theater was incredibly diverse in style and theme, however in XXXXX and YYYYY, the choreographers played particular attention the use of the stage space to communicate ideas of community.”

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