You have been hired as leadership expert to come in a “fix” one the listed scenarios below (you choose which scenario).  For this scenario, we will imagine that you are the classical idea of the “Law Giver,” meaning that what you suggest will be implemented with no questions asked.  “Fixing” these situations will require an entire reconstruction of the group from its organization to the role of its leader/leadership.  To “fix” these situations, you will need to apply ONLY the ideas contained in the course readings and lectures.  In other words, you are to “fix” these situations by applying classical theories ranging from organizational theory to leadership ideas/theories contained in the readings and course lectures.  

Please note: While the details of how you “fix” these scenarios are important (e.g. they have to make sense, apply to the situation, etc.), what this paper is concerned about primarily is how you apply the principles of classical leadership theory.  Therefore, you must explain in a clear fashion both how and why you are applying the ideas.  In grading the papers, I will be less concerned with the actual mechanics of how you fix it and focused more on how and why those ideas line up with classical leadership theories. 

Please note: Students will use the APA (as modified by UC Dissertation Handbook) citation method.

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